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Members Update

Members Update

To our Members

“The Board will be posting every month an update on our club website – covering many aspects of our Club operations. Hopefully this goes towards improving information flow to our members.

MSC Board of Management

Mordialloc Sporting Club Board Update to MSC Members – Friday 15th December, 2017

Dear Members of Mordialloc Sporting Club,

We are pleased to report that on 13 December 2017 the Landlord accepted that the Club has validly exercised the option to purchase the premises. As a result, the Club has now secured its long-term future at the venue.

As always, in the event that Members wish to discuss any aspect of the Club’s tenure, they should not hesitate to contact the Secretary, Mr. Andrew Wise, for further information.

Kind regards,

Mr. Andrew Wise
Director / Secretary
T : 03 9586 7900
E :
Mordialloc Sporting Club

Chairman’s Update to MSC Members – November 2017

Dear Members of Mordialloc Sporting Club,

  • As previously stated the club is fully committed to securing a long term future at the Venue(MordyHQ)  and is pursuing settlement with the current owner/landlord under our rights detailed in the Lease.
  • We recently completed the first phase of the VCAT process namely a compulsory conference between the parties, with both parties still in disagreement the process moves onto the next phase which will be a formal hearing at VCAT to be held on March 28th 2018. The club and its advisers remain confident in our position to see a positive outcome for our organisation.
  • Until that time we are trading as normal and in fact are implementing numerous operational changes and marketing programs to better position the Venue operations commercially. It is a challenging time in the Gaming and Hospitality industry and we need to implement change to keep our profitability intact. It is important that all members continue to engage and support the Venue during this time.
  • We are in a position to release more information surrounding our enactment of rights under the Lease to purchase the Venue and secure a long term future for our clubs. The club has partnered with Infrastructure and Building Financing and Investment  company AusFinanceGroup (AFG) to secure the funding to purchase the Venue, the exciting and core aspect of this partnership is that upon successful acquisition of the property at 528 Main Street –  AFG will facilitate a full refurbishment and renovation of the main venue facility, this is the critical aspect of what the Club is trying to do here. The current facility is tired, poorly designed and not suited to the new challenging gaming and hospitality marketplace. Without significant renovation the current facility will never enable the Club to grow and sustain the business.
  • Some exciting news on new marketing and patron offerings will be made in the coming weeks as part of the re-invigoration of the business, please keep engaged with our website for details.

Ben Kavanagh Pavilion Re-Development Update (November 2017)

  • Building works of the new pavilion continue into November. We have been advised by the builder and council that progress is on track to having at least the downstairs sections available for use for the start of football (April 1st 2018), the cricket club currently runs out of temporary portables for this summer season, football pre-season will need to be held off site for this year as well.
  • Importantly, we have secured a number of original bricks from the old pavilion from the council – that our Club will utilise in an exciting fundraiser, more details very soon.

Club Land….(November 2017  Update)

  • Recently both our Senior Football/Netball (MFNC) and our Supers football (MSRFC) clubs appointed new leadership teams, we thank previous administrations of both clubs and wish the best for our new teams going into the 2018 season. Our three core club Presidents are: Aaron Martello (MCC), David Burbidge (MSRFC) & Dave Cox (MFNC).
  • Please give them your support. In addition,  our Juniors Redbacks  sporting club leaders are Gerry Barden (Junior cricket) and Brendan Swifte (Junior AFL).
  • Together they bring a wealth of experience, dedication and passion to developing and sustaining our sporting clubs into the future. Each President will be sitting with the MSC Board Executive in the coming weeks to ensure the link between the Board and our sporting sub-committees is strengthened.


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